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As with most good things, it started in the country. Steve Hallstrom and Scott Hennen, owners of Fieldstone Group, grew up in rural communities where farm fields were dotted with nearby stone piles. These piles came from the rock that had been removed from the fields by hand, to allow the seed growing underneath to flourish.

That's the idea behind Fieldstone Group. When a stone is removed from farm fields, there is growth and health. Today the stone we remove allows companies and organizations to reach new levels of significance and prosperity. These "stones" take many shapes: reputational damage, brand issues, unfounded narratives, sales declines, and organizational obscurity.

That's where we come in. Fieldstone Group is a full service creative and strategic partner. We can work with your top executives to establish organizational strategy, or simply carry out your plans and ideas. Either way, we'll give you advice backed by decades of experience and know how.

We serve some of the largest organizations and biggest brands in our region. We earn attention, build awareness, and enhance credibility. Our clients include legislative and political groups, large regional corporations, higher education institutions and Fortune 500 companies. A dynamic campaign requires many tools, and we can bring your message to life through radio, TV, social media, online tools, special events and more.

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What We Do


We offer special discounts on a variety of media outlets including WZFG AM 1100, WDAY AM 970, KFYR AM 550, KTGO AM 1090, and KLTC AM 1460.


Our video production capabilities allow us to join carefully chosen words to impactful images to produce messages that stir emotions.

Digital and Print

Our social media, print, and digital capabilities deliver targeted messages that leave a lasting impression.


Our knowledge and experience in legislative affairs help us credential you to the power brokers of our region.

Success Stories

Energy Transfer

A pipeline protest became a front for activists who leveraged a legally permitted process into a campaign against fossil fuels. We were hired by this Fortune 500 company to restore facts and perspective to the discussion in North Dakota. We employed a strategy of Television and Radio advertising, Special Events, and digital media to clear up confusion, dispel myths, and show company leaders to be empathetic and responsible. Our efforts, after the protest ended, extended to a giveback campaign and telling the story of the economic benefit of the pipeline. We featured the CEO of the company to deliver heartfelt on-camera messages that company officials say helped turn the tide in North Dakota. We continue to advise Energy Transfer Partners with ongoing affairs.

AARP of North Dakota

AARP of North Dakota wanted to get its advocacy message out to a large audience. They knew of the power of our radio properties and connections with elected officials but needed to gain acceptance with an audience that typically favors a different political philosophy. We put AARP on selected programs to discuss mutually selected issues that would play well to a statewide audience of state and community officials and influential thought leaders. While they recognize that many of our listeners would have different political opinions than the AARP, they highlight areas of common ground and use the partnership to do some valuable branding. AARP leaders tell us of tremendous impact and positive feedback, and the company remains with us as an ongoing client.

McKenzie County

State issues threatened to decrease funding for a key economic incentive that had benefitted one of the counties in the oil producing Bakken region, and its largest city. We were hired to tell the story of how these incentives had been a profitable investment for the state of North Dakota, and worthy of continuation. We used a combination of town hall events, radio messaging, and conversations at the state capitol to illustrate the benefits of this program. The funding was extended, and we continue to advise the city and county as clients.

University of Mary

A growing private university set lofty goals to become one of the state's premier higher education institutions. We were hired to promote the school's programs and amenities, and to implement a virtuous leadership series on campus, where regional business leaders with a mind for corporate responsibility and ethics, would be honored on campus. This program provided the school's business students with some real world corporate lessons, while building relationships with executives that the school wished to meet. The University continues to be a client, working with us on new initiatives.

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Steve Hallstrom

Steve Hallstrom
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Scott Hennen
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